The trend of wearing corsets by women is known for centuries. In the modern time, it is considered one of the hottest trends considering the frequently appearing new corset styles created by renowned designers who are always aiming to be more chic and sexy.

Starting to wear a corset can be a new, exciting experience that will refresh and bring to life your well-established lingerie style, but first, there are several things you should become familiar with. Thus, we are offering a brief guide to all ladies that are just starting, so they can become familiar with different corset styles and find ones that fit them best.

Corsets are worn as fashion, wedding or costume item, while they also serve as back and posture support. But in fact, most women wear corsets in order to achieve a flawless hourglass figure.


Cysm Compressive Posture Corrector Vest

  • A posture corrective undergarment that offers proper back support is hard to find in a smooth and unnoticeable design. The Compressive Posture Corrector Vest eliminates that issue with the help of crisscross compressive bands and a 3 position hook closure.

  • These two features guarantee a comfortable and supportive fit every time you wear the vest!

  • Along with the slimming effect of an improved posture, the garment also uses a compressive design to flatten your abdomen, enhance your waistline and lift your bust.

  • The vest has a comfy fit throughout the day, thanks to the anti-slip band, and the 3-position wide straps that take the pressure off of your shoulders.

Diane & Geordi Waist Shaper Vest

  • Provide the right compression for your body that doesn’t get in the way of your daily activities.

  • Shapes up your body without giving up comfort and freshness.

  • The fabric improves the compression applied to your body while providing a great amount of freshness.









TrueShapers Slimming Vest

  • Thanks to Therma­Boost Technology Helps Immediately to reduce and Burns Away Unwanted Back, Side and waistline Fat, Without Overheating.

  • The Flexible Internal Steel­Boning Provides Unbeatable Level 10/10 Compression and Promotes proper posture.

  • 3 hooking closure lines.

  • Wear it with your favorite bra.

  • High rise on the back to eliminate back fat.

  • Outer layer in Smooth REINVENTED bi-directional 3 Plus D™ fabric providing high resistance and durability that reduces your body.

  • Inner lining in microfiber makes this item comfortable enough for everyday wear, keeping you cool

Siluet Extra-Strength Compression Corset Shaper with latex

  • Reduces the size of your waist, abdomen and back immediately.

  • Latex inner layer provides power tummy control.

  • Cotton inner lining that protects the skin.

  • It helps reduce measures thanks to the elimination of toxins.

  • Extra flat front zipper with 3 internal hooks for better fit, comfort, and protection of the skin.

  • Ideal in the postpartum period to reduce measures.

  • Ergonomic internal rods that enhance the figure and firmly hold the shaper in place.


Fajas Salome Vest

  • The Shapewear Salome are made of two types of material, the outer part is elaborated in powernet of the highest quality, which exerts the proper pressure for your figure. In the inner part, it is lined in Flannel Lycra Cotton, soft touch fabric, with internal clasps in the closure to facilitate the placement of the belt.

  • The Salome Shapewear mold and reduce your waist several centimeters, enhance the bust and buttocks, collect the thick of the back and correct your posture. They help you in post-partum recovery and aesthetic treatments.






Clearpoint Medical Female Compression Vest

  • compression vest for females may be the recommended choice for wear following post-operative surgery for arm, chest, back and breast procedures. Compression vests are often worn continuously for several weeks, sometimes recommended for day and night wear.




Siluet Classic Latex Vest

  • Corrects posture. Controls waist and abdomen.

  • Centers and enhances the bust.

  • Wide and adjustable straps that brings support and comfort.

  • Cotton inner lining that protects the skin.

  • Ergonomic rods that shapes and corrects the posture.

  • High back design that brings more coverage.

  • Three lines of hooks for a better fit.

  • Heavy–duty and stainless steel fasteners.

    Equilibrium Latex Waist Trainer Cincher Vest

    • Shapes the tummy, waist, and back

    • Reduces waistline up to 3 sizes instantly

    • Thanks to the latex thermal action, helps to remove excess of fat in waist and tummy

    • Internal lining in anti-allergic cotton for total comfort

    • External layer in lycra

    • Four positions of the hook and eye closure system

    • Three positions on adjustable wide straps

    • Helps to correct the posture and prevent pain in the lumbar zone