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Curveez Reusable Anti Mosture Protection Mask

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Reduce your risk of contracting or spreading viral contagions with Curveez® moisture repellent washable face mask. Here at Curveez®, your health is just as important to us as your inner confidence, therefore, we have designed our soft fabric face masks with breathable fabric using anti-fluid technology to help prevent the spread and exposure to harmful airborne particles.

Our non-medical face masks are designed to repel liquid, such as mucous and saliva from coughing and sneezing, while being non-irritating, reusable, and fully washable with our Safe-Filter technology. The one-piece anatomically designed washable mask, allows our cloth face masks to fit most adults with comfortable elastic bands around the ears and a bonus Neoprene extender.

The extender is made from soft Neoprene, and gives you the option to choose between either having the elastics behind your ears, or using the extender to wrap behind your head which allows for a better fit on multiple head sizes. When wearing the mask for any extended period of length, you will love being able to use the extender to wrap around your head for less irritation behind your ears unlike regular face masks.

Curveez® face masks made in USA, are stain-resistant and will provide you with an extra layer of protection from airborne contaminants including dust, germs, viruses, etc. Our face covers are NOT sold as medical masks for surgical use or FDA approved as disease prevention*.


  • Reusable and Washable cloth mask with Safe-FILTER Technology that creates an invisible protective barrier around the nose and mouth
  • Bonus Neoprene extender for head wrap style, for a more flexible fit on different head sizes
  • Moisture and fluid repellent: liquids slide off face mask without being absorbed
  • Minimizes the risk of accumulating contaminating dust particles and is stain resistant
  • Moisture repelling advanced characteristics last for several washes before beginning to lose effectiveness, however, you can continue to reuse your mask long after that
  • Made in the USA with soft breathable fabric providing less irritation to the skin due to hidden seams
  • Covers your nose and mouth with comfortable elastic bands around the ears
  • One size fits most adults
  • An eco-friendly product, free of PFOA harmful chemicals that is good for the environment and your health

Material: 88% Polyamide | 14% Elastane


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