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Delfin Heat Maximizing Arm Bands

Delfin Heat Maximizing Arm Bands

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DELFIN HEAT MAXIMIZING ARMBANDS are comprised of a thin layer of neoprene embedded with bio-ceramic material which reflects body heat in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Delfin Spa's armbands have many great features including a comfortable inner lining, an outer pocket for Ipod/phone/key. They are completely adjustable as the outer edge is lined with velcro. Use them during exercise or everyday activities to help tone your arms.

HOW TO PUT ON DELFIN ARM BANDS: They can be tricky to put on by yourself, unless you follow this simple approach: Wrap an armband around your upper arm as best you can. It will not fit snug since you are only working with one hand. Once you have it on, slide it down and off. Adjust the armband so that it will fit a little tighter and then slide it back up your arm. Repeat this process with both armbands until they fit snug, but comfortably. If desired, you can mark the position with a permanent marker so that when you remove it for cleaning purposes, you will know where to re-position it for next use.


  • Soft Polyester inner lining, Nylon outer lining and a thin 1.5mm neoprene middle lining.
  • Embedded Bio-Ceramic Material to reflect body heat.
  • Completely adjustable with high quality velcro. One size fits all up to 19 inch arm circumference.
  • Increased heat and molecular stimulation enhances effectiveness of exercise, increases blood flow, and may result in increased calorie burning
  • Outer pocket for Ipod/phone/keys


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