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Lowla Waistband for Women Microlatex

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Wear an attractive and enviable figure with the shapers that Lowla offers you. You will have a flat abdomen, a correct posture and a well-demarcated waist. Feel comfortable and cool every time you wear Lowla girdles.

Lowla is characterized by its versatile garments. You can take our belts wherever you want without anyone noticing. Perfect to wear a beautiful figure in the office or any day of walking.

We use the best materials for our garments. Each of our belts fits perfectly to your body, providing the correct compression of the abdominal area, while keeping you cool and relaxed.

Our collections of shaping bands come with wonderful designs. You will always look radiant while your body stays slender and stylish without making any effort. Lowla with its unique sashes leads the compression garment industry. Do not hesitate any longer and buy your Lowla molding strips now.

Because we know that you take care of your figure. What better way to start your routine exercises than with the new sports collection that Haby has created for you. Start your day with your sports routine looking comfortable and energized. Nothing healthier than doing what you like feeling good and comfortable. 

Forget about everything else and focus on exercising your body with confidence. You can use our collection of sports outerwear on any occasion. Do you go to the gym or just jog to the park? Then our collection will be fine.

Experience the longest comfort and ease. The new sports outerwear collection by Haby offers you the necessary materials for this. Our studs are made of cotton, polyester, microfiber, viscose and elastane. All this to give you the flexibility and comfort you are looking for. 

Change of environment and spend a different time. Our collection of sports outerwear was specifically designed for your needs. Do you want to go for a moment or do an outdoor activity? You can combine our leggings with that beautiful blouse and look comfortable and fresh.


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