Recuperation time after any major operation is essential, and recovery after breast enhancement surgery is not an exception. Most aesthetic surgeons estimate a healing period of between three to six weeks, which demands wearing support wraps, medical bras and support bras. During this period, some swelling is normal, as the sensitive tissue in the surgical section is still recovering. Choosing your new bra size will not be easy until the swelling stops completely.

Even after the healing period, don’t be surprised if you still feel some pain and discomfort in the area. Before you start to wear a wire and/or push-up bra, you should opt for a supportive sports bra. The crucial healing tip after breast enhancement surgery is to provide your new breasts with maximum support. A supportive sports bra will help your bust even out properly and will help in the recuperation process. If you still feel uncomfortable putting on your bra, you should consult with your surgeon, and give yourself some more time before you start wearing your regular bra daily.

Our top post-surgical bra picks:

The Classic Comfort Bra by Clearpoint Medical often utilized for daily wear even after recovery time. The wide shoulder straps and spandex, and nylon fabric blend offer support that many women find far more comfortable even after full recovery from augmentation and mastopexy. 

ClearPoint Medical's Medical Comfort Bra offers convenient front fastening velcro adjustable straps and front hook and eye closure. Your surgeon may suggest this medical comfort bra for day and night wear following all types of reconstructive breast procedures. Nylon and spandex fabric blend assure medical comfort and durability.

What are the different types of recovery bras? 

Surgical compression bras come in different style, fabrics, and size. Deciding which model is best for you is an essential part of post-surgery recovery. Most post-surgical bras are made from latex-free material to eliminate skin irritation and diminish the chances of allergic reactions. Very often, your surgeon will suggest you to wear a front-zip or front closure bra to prevent you from lifting your arms every time you want to take it off.

What is the best bra after breast augmentation?

This is the most common question that every woman after breast enhancement surgery has. After the surgery, there is an emotional gap between excitement with the new bust look and pressure to find the best bra that will fit the best and provide an optimum support that is essential in the post-op period. Another question is, how long women should wear something different to a regular bra, that more resembles a sports bra. The good news is, there is more than one best bra option after breast enhancement, but it is important to choose one that will match the stage of your post-surgery healing process.

Right after the operation, your bust will be tumid and soft, so you will need to wear a surgical compression bra that is not underwire. This is the best bra solution after breast enhancement because it will keep scar bandages in place, prevent the implants from moving, protect the tissue, help diminish swelling, and support recovery in general. It is more supportive than a sports bra, it makes the healing process easier and helps you get back to regular activities as fast as possible. Most women after breast surgery wear medical compression bras day and night for the first two weeks, after which time they are able to switch to a supportive sports bra.

Once your doctor gives you permission to switch to a soft sports bra, don’t forget the following features when looking for the best bra after breast enhancement:

  • Choose one without underwires, since they tend to irritate incisions and affect the recovery process.
  • Find one with a front closure, which will make taking it on and off much easier without unnecessary movement or stretching.
  • Choose one that fits well and provides great support. Keep in mind that your new breasts weigh more than your old ones, so opt for a bra that keeps them placed high on the chest.

Front-closure bras


Choosing a regular post-surgery bra is a good option for great support, compression, and comfort. They also often come in stretch material and adjustable straps for more comfort and some even include adjustable band sizes to help accommodate swelling.

Cysm Adjustable Surgical Bra with Removable Band

Compression vests


This bra style, also known as a surgical vest, resembles a regular post-op bra but extends further down the waist, similar to the vest. Your surgeon may suggest buying a compression vest if they find that you need additional care around the incision areas. For example, if your surgeon uses the inframammary (or breast fold) treatment beneath the bust, they may suggest a post-op vest so that the incisions are not affected. 

Clearpoint Medical Compression Vest

Breast bands


Breast bands are worn above the breasts in order to prevent the breast from moving upwards or to provide a more full look to the upper pole of the breasts. Bands give shape and support to the bust, but they don't provide compression and don't help with discomfort. That's why they’re usually worn combined with a breast surgery bra. 

Clearpoint Medical Breast Wrap

How to choose the right sized post-surgical bra?

Sizing your post-operative bra may be a bit tricky. It will actually be a whole new experience if you’re anticipating dramatic results, whether that means larger or smaller bust. The crucial to selecting your post-surgical bra size is to go off of your estimated cup size, and then add one to your regular band size. Pay attention to the brand’s size chart and your estimated measurements before buying.

Some surgeons may suggest investing in affordable sports bras in different sizes so that you are supplied with enough option on hand. Selecting a bra style that comes with adjustable straps and removable cups — will ensure that your bra adapts to your shape post-op.

Conclusion: the best and most comfortable post-surgical bra bra to wear after breast augmentation highly depends on where your surgeon performs the incisions and the level of compression that is necessary. Whatever your choice is, you need to make sure that it includes two essential features: adjustable straps (during swelling and inflammation period your bra size may vary throughout recovery, so adjustable straps can help) and a seamless design which will aid in a comfortable recovery.