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Let us take you on a shapewear journey!

Welcome to Shapewear USA, the new way to shop for shapewear in the U.S. Let us take you on a journey of the best shapewear brands, from North and Latin America to Europe and all around the world. ShapewearUSA.com connects women with the world's most in-demand fashion shapewear brands. ShapewearUSA.com is a leading destination for sophisticated fashion that features the latest trends and collections for body shaping garments that improve posture, boost confidence and highlight a more contoured shape and sleeker physique. We are inspired to help women find shapewear clothing that accentuates their most attractive traits, including the unique beauty that radiates from within. Shapewear USA also offers lines that help with surgery recovery and pregnancy. Shapewear USA only promotes wearing shapewear in a responsible manner.

Shapewear products are designed to present your body's most attractive traits as they wrap around you for a contoured look that brings out your natural beauty. No matter which part of your body you are looking to highlight, we have the right shapewear garment that will fit your needs with a full selection of sizes you will not find anywhere else. We are offering a selection of high-quality body shapers, body suits, butt lifters, leggings, post-surgical products, liposuction garments, body compression garments, waist trainers, cinchers, girdles and more. Shapewear USA is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and has offices, resources and partnerships throughout the United States.

Body shaping garments improve your posture, self-confidence, and give you an overall sleeker physique. We want to help you reach your body-shaping goals while making sure that you are getting the right fit because client comfort-ability is highly important to us. Don't let anyone tell you that looking your best is overrated.

Shop our shapewear collections today and uncover your beautiful curves.

Turn Body Shaming Into Body Positivity

You might have heard the terms “body shaming” or “fat shaming.” Before you draw your own conclusions, social media defines these terms as, “The action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.” It could also be described as expressing mockery or criticism about a person's body shape or size. Although women and men try hard to stick to a healthy diet and find time to hit the gym, often times the desired results are tough to achieve. To help, Shapewear USA entered the market with a mission to make products available to men and women that will help boost their body confidence. ShapewearUSA.com delivers a personal concierge-level experience. This ensures that you have the tools, information, and support that will save you time and allow you to shop from a selection of well-reviewed, trusted and quality brands. The products we represent are designed to find the right balance of lifting, shaping and compressing your body into how you want to see yourself.

Shapewear is a foundation garment that features multiple client benefits. The main benefit of shapewear is an improved posture for those who sit or stand for long periods of time. Secondly, shapewear provides strong compression, which helps shape your waistline by 1-4 inches instantly. This along with regular exercise has helped women and men achieve their long-term fitness goals. Many women use shapewear for during and postpregnancy to get back their pre-pregnancy shape and size. Patients recovering from surgery utilize body compression shapewear garments to aid in recovery post-surgery. Shapewear naturally benefits blood circulation which is well known for helping the body heal. Shapewear also helps improve the self-esteem of the wearer due to body shaming which happens daily in our society.

Some may feel anxious shopping for a shapewear in public, so an online store like ShapewearUSA.com provides an easy and convenient alternative. Finding the right fit is as easy as taking your measurements based on the sizing charts, which has made shopping online much easier than going to a department store.

Feel Beautiful, and Confident In Your Own Body

Society makes women and men feel like they need to be a certain shape to be noticed, to be successful, or even to be liked or loved. Shapewear USA strongly believes that women and men should be confidant and comfortable in their own skin. We are passionate about the thought that women and men should look how they feel instead of how our society feels they should look. We are here to provide the tools and options necessary to help you achieve your goal.

The fact that the potential for judgement and body shaming is part of everyday life is unfortunate. As many of our customers say, “Shapewear plays a role in boosting my confidence.” One big hurdle was that it took a good amount of time and energy to manage the confusing array of shapewear styles, sizes and differences between brands. Many women prefer to shop for shapewear in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Trusted Brands and Excellent Customer Service

Shapewear USA's goal is to provide great products with great service. They understand that picking the right size is the most frustrating part. So, they set out to simplify shopping for shapewear and turned it into an enjoyable experience! “Online shopping at the Shapewear USA website offers a great alternative to public shopping and our customers enjoy privacy, current and classic selections, as well as the customer service moto of ‘treating customers like we would like to be treated.’” said Brooke Michaels, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator.

Shapewear USA's online store connects customers with the world's most established shapewear brands such as Annette, Co’Coon, Dominique, Body Hush, EuroSkins, Rago and Vedette, and many more. The personal, handpicked, styles that Shapewear USA carries stays up to date with the hottest trends and improved fitting shapewear. You will always have access to the newest technologies as well as the classic, proven, styles and fits. “Our Shapewear Body Shaping Guides are designed to help women make more informed decisions about fit and style,” said Brooke Michaels. Our competitive advantage is the debut of our Shapewear Guides. Shapewear USA's Shapewear Guides are advanced yet easy to use online tools designed to help women shop for the perfect shapewear styles, and sizes. Shapewear Guides remove the frustration and potential for ordering the wrong size shapewear. Furthermore, in exchange for signing up to the site, ShapewearUSA.com will send you a measuring tape to ensure you make the right decision on size free of charge. Yes, they will send you a measuring tape for free to make sure you buy the right size the first time.