Shapewear is no longer a Woman's secret as people like to say. The secret is out and it works. The concept of body sculpting is ancient, but now it is out in the open and everyone from movie stars to housewives are doing it and they are posting about it. There are even effective shaping products made for Men.

We have put together a short list of frequently asked question that will guide you. If you don't find your answer, please do not hesitate to contact  us.

What is Shapewear?

A foundation garment (also known as shapewear or shaping underwear) is an undergarment designed to temporarily alter the wearer's body shape, to achieve a more fashionable figure.

Does shapewear actually slim your body?

We wholeheartedly believe so. Properly fitted shapewear garments nip and tick the body, while at the same time enhance curves in all the right ways, depending on which garment you wear. On top of that, body shaping garments also improve your posture, self confidence, and give you an overall sleeker physique.

What are the different support levels offered?

Garments may be categorized according to level or shape control offered - for instance, light, medium or firm.

What types of body shaping garments are offered?

The simplest foundation is a shaping panty which are an ultra-light-weight panty, and offers a light touch of smoothing. These are available in a unitard style (shortened legs) or a camisole style. The camisole offers greater control from a body-liner, and is available in boy-leg and capri-leg lengths, with spaghetti straps, low cut necklines, and even scoop backs, to cater for the outerwear under which the garments will be worn. Girdles are often called "body shapers" or "contour garments". These garments are made with much more Lycra spandex than most shaping panties, and they offer the highest level of shaping and support. These can be broken up into full body suits and waist training cinchers. Body suits provide all over control from thigh to underbust, and can be worn with your favorite bra to complement your bust. Waist trainers are similar to corsets of old, but are much more suited for contouring the midsection, are much comfortable than corsets and can be adjusted to give you that hourglass figure you want. Let us help you find the best product to suit your needs.

Where to buy shapewear garments?

All types of shapewear garments in different support levels are available for purchase right here on our website at ShapewearUSA.com.