Today, looking good is a must and this rule does not apply only to Women. Modern Men feel the pressure to look good all the time. It seems like they just needed some time to adopt beauty habits they perceived as effeminate. Exhausting dieting and exercising is not the only way to achieve this goal, and these methods are often followed by many side effects which in the long run can harm health. Fortunately, man today can buy Men's shapewear, specially designed undergarment that sculpts and reduces issue body areas such as beer tummies and man boobs. This revolutionary men’s underwear is growing in popularity among men of all ages.


Regardless of your figure and size, the following are some key benefits that men’s shapewear provides.

Increased Confidence

Normally, putting on shapewear is quite struggling, but once you put it on and your figure looks slim and toned your self-image will instantly improve and you’ll exude confidence no matter what the occasion may be.

Offers Back Support

While the primary purpose of shapewear is slimming and toning, many owners of shapewear discovered that it can help improve posture and reduce lower back pressure. Whether you need a post-surgery support or something to wear to the gym, tummy mirdle and full body shapers will give you back support and provide posture improvement benefits.


Those days when shapewear couldn’t be imagined as a part of your daily outfit are gone. Today, choosing proper fitting shapewear will smooth you out while staying incredibly comfortable. Too keep the maximum level of comfort, opt for moderate to light control shapewear that will create a flawless figure that also feels comfortable to your skin.


Men’s shapewear comes in many different styles where each type is treating different body issue. As the most popular are considered the mirdle, mantyhose, male bra, and support briefs and boxers.

The Mirdle

The mirdle is men’s shapewear undergarment for everyday use. This style is a great solution for muffin top that provides tummy controls and makes you look flawless in that tight shirt. This shapewear comes in different variations. Some mirdles come in a tube shape and can be worn around the torso, while some of them are full suits. These shapewear undergarments have many medical benefits such as posture improvement, but most of all they are worn to flatten belly and eliminate muffin top. Another version of this shaper is the compression shirt which is often seen on many athletes that provide the same slimming effect around the waist. 

The Mantyhose

Today, modern men’s priorities when it comes to appearance are tremendously changing. Loose fitting comfy garments are replaced with smoother and more stylish look. This change is the most obvious when it comes to pants that are now designed to show off long slim lines, and that’s why men are shopping for mantyhose. Mantyhose (men’s pantyhose) is the newest trend on men’s shapewear market designed with the same material used in women’s pantyhose. Beside aesthetic function, this sheer garment has another practical purpose that can keep men warm in the winter. In addition, it can ensure compression for men who are dealing with circulatory issues.

The Male Bra


Due to puberty, some men may grow bust which is known as gynecomastia. Other men, especially dealing with obesity, may have large busts as well. Wearing a male bra could be a good alternative to surgery. This type of garment does the opposite to the female bra, which instead of lifting, flattens the breast providing a more masculine look. Another version of this bra is a sports bra often worn by athletes who want to prevent nipple chafing when doing some kind of activity.

Support Briefs and Boxers


This undergarment has been around for some time, but the purpose of use was mostly athletic. Today, these boxers and briefs have lifting and shaping purpose that eliminates those undesirable flabby bottoms and even enhances other body sections. Some support briefs may come with a belly control panel that sucks in a developing beer tummy. Some boxers may provide and additional padding both front and back to ensure additional shaping and support.


Being a new trend, most men are not very experienced in buying shapewear.

The first thing to have in mind when buying shapewear is their purpose. If you need some support while doing some sports activities, your choice should be athletic girdles and compression shirts. These garments are designed to support sports activities, while most men’s shapewear is made for regular everyday use.

Next thing to consider is the level of support. Men with the large abdominal area should opt for the male girdle, as they give the most support and are able to eliminate as much as 1.5 inches of the torso. Those looking just for flatten lines and bumps along the torso should buy compression shirts or the male bra. For concern sections below the waist, support boxers, briefs and mantyhose should do the job.

Comfort is a must when buying shapewear, especially for men that want to wear it all day. They should consider comfortable fabrics such as cotton which breathes well, or powermesh microfiber designed for warmer periods. When buying a mirdle choose those with a lot of support.

The following explains the different support levels provided by shapewear, based on the needs and the level of comfort required.

Support Level: Light

Providing more coverage than your regular undergarment, light control shapewear offers a limited level of support and is the most recommended for daily use.

Support Level: Moderate

Sculpts your body while keeping comfort, moderate support shapewear provides you with coverage while keeping all-day comfort. 

Support Level: Firm

Firm control shapewear conceals essential problem sections and provides high levels of support. This is not recommended for wearing all day.

Support Level: Extra Firm

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