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Top 10 Best Tummy Control Shapewear

Sometimes, we want a little extra help to smooth out the tummy area. That’s where shapewear comes in. Shapewear for tummy control is designed to compress and contour the belly, providing a slimmer and more confident look.

We’ve put together a list of the best shapewear for tummy control. The stomach shapers on our list work by improving posture, reducing waistline, and hiding bulges or rolls. The pieces that made our list focus on comfort and fashion, and can be worn beneath just about any outfit.

Best Shapewear For Tummy Control

Hide your belly, control your tummy and outline your silhouette. There are many choices when it comes to tummy control, so we’ve listed our favorite tummy control girdles, reviewed by our editors who’ve spent decades in the shapewear industry. These medical-grade body compression girdles are made of lycra, spandex and other microfiber blends and go above and beyond basic tummy shaping.

1. Jackie London Colombian Body Shaper With Wide Straps

Jackie London Tummy Control Body Shaper

The Jackie London 2020 style shapewear is one of our best sellers, and is highly recommended by not just us, but customers as well. The internal fabric is made of lycra spandex of the best quality which makes it soft and comfortable to wear. Two levels of adjustable hooks make it easy for us to adjust size and compression. Wide adjustable shoulder straps allow the garment to stay on all day. This body shaper truly offers great control and compression in the abdominal area while reducing tummy and waist. And on top of that, it provides great back coverage and butt lifting benefits.

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2. Delie Fajas High Compression Girdle: Mid-Thigh With Bra

Delie Fajas High Compression Girdle: Mid-Thigh With Bra

Delie's high waist compression girdles provide full-body coverage and control from bust to knees. They feature a front zipper with inner hooks for easy adjustments, plus removable, adjustable straps that can be worn crossed or uncrossed. The panty girdle has a convenient open crotch design, while the bra boasts soft cups to fit any shape, adorned with a feminine lace trim.

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3. Cysm Seamless Strapless Thermal Full Body Shaper

Cysm Strapless Full body Shaper

The seamless tummy shapewear from Cysm features a microfiber top-quality fabric allowing skin to breathe easily and self-regulate for a comfortable body temperature, which we’ve found to be essential when going to the gym. With powerful thermal features, Cysm’s seamless stomach shapewear helps flatten the abdomen and sculpt your waist.

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4. Equilibrium Firm Compression Girdle - Panty Style Bodysuit

Equilibrium Firm Compression Girdle

The Equilibrium shapewear girdle offers the stay-in-place features of a body suit, but with greater control than other styles, with the added convenience of wearing our own favorite bras. All-over smoothing benefits and zipped panel in the abdominal area provide additional support. By fitting and reducing the waist and abdominal area, it helps manage the tummy and shape your body. We’ve also found that wearing this one regularly can lead to a smoother figure.

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5. Fajas Salome Butt Lifter Tummy Control Shapewear

Fajas Salome Butt Lifter Tummy Control Shapewear

Fajas Salome Butt Lifter Tummy Control Shapewear is made of two types of material. The outer part is elaborated in powernet of the highest quality, which exerts the proper pressure for your figure. The inner part meanwhile is lined in Flannel Lycra Cotton, a soft-touch fabric, with internal clasps in the closure to facilitate the placement of the belt. We’ve found that the Fajas Salome Tummy Control can mold and reduce the waist several centimeters. They help as well in post-partum recovery and aesthetic treatments.

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6. Diane & Geordi Colombian Fajas Waist Cincher Vest

Diane & Geordi Waist Cincher Vest

The Diane & Geordi Colombian Fajas Waist Cincher Vest has been a game-changer for us. The seamless design sculpts and shapes while offering unmatched comfort. The thermal features not only flatten the abdomen but also provide a confidence-boosting contour to the waist. Whether wearing it under our favorite dresses or daily attire, Diane & Geordi's commitment to quality shines through, making this cincher vest a must-have.

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7. Cysm High-Waist Tummy Control Shaper

Cysm High-Waist Tummy Control Shaper

Want to make sure your everyday look is what most people would call a flawless appearance? The High-Waist Tummy Control Shaper in Panty/Thong is the seamless strapless microfiber garment that will make it happen! With its powerful thermal features it helps in flattening the abdomen and sculpting the waist.

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8. Bling Shapers Colombian Faja with Butt Lift Tummy Control

Shapewear For Women with Wide Hips

A unique way to express yourself by showing off a ravishing look with this tummy control shapewear. The exclusive high-end garments that will fit perfectly in their bodies. Specially designed for Afro and Latin American curvy bodies. High compression is adding an extra contour to the silhouette while the main goal is to flatten and shape the tummy.

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9. Fajas M & D Waist Trainer Vest

Fajas M&D Waist Trainer

We’ve found that this waist trainer is ideal for daily use thanks to its comfort, safety, and design. This vest waist cincher is the perfect accomplice under any look and the best compliment for your everyday routine. It will perfectly mold and stylize your figure. This ideal tummy shaping control in the abdomen will make you feel beautiful and confident all day long.

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10. Fajas Uplady Butt Lifter Tummy Control Shapewear

Fajas Uplady Butt Lifter Tummy Control Shapewear

The soft-touch of ultimate fabrics that give the body all the comfort, and safety that it needs. Our faja short offers ideal tummy control to help mold and shape troubled areas. Thanks to its design this shapewear will go unnoticed under any clothing.

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Tummy control shapewear is a great way to enhance your curves and boost your confidence. Whether you need a full-body suit, a high-waisted panty, or a seamless cami, you can find the best tummy control shapewear for your needs and preferences here at ShapewearUSA. You can also choose from different levels of compression, fabrics, colors, and styles to suit your taste and comfort. Tummy control shapewear can help you look slimmer, smoother, and feel fabulous in any outfit. Shop our shapewear collections to find the best shapewear for your needs.

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