Lift Your Rear In Style With These Best Selling Butt Lifting Shapewear (BBL)

Made for comfort and ease of use right after surgery, Brazilian butt lifter post-surgery (BBL) shapewear is easy to put on and ensures comfort and support in the days of the recovery process. This shapewear comes with hook-and-eye closures or zippers to provide adjustability and various levels of coverage with open or available crotches. This garment is soft and stretchable enough to give you a full range of movement until you are completely able to get back to your regular daily activities.


Marena Compression Bodysuit For Bbl Fat Transfer

Meet our BBL Compression Bodysuit with infinity edge opening⁣, soft, lighter weight fabric ensures a smooth transition from compression to gentle support and stackable sacral pads allow your doctor to customize fit.⁣⁣ Soft, lighter weight fabric ensures a smooth transition from compression to gentle support⁣.

Sculpture’s SC-330 is the ultimate garment for Brazilian Butt Lift and fat transfer procedures. Exaggerated, cinched-in waist with full compression for an hourglass figure. Lightweight fabric over the hips, buttocks and thighs allows for fat to be transferred to all areas of the hips and buttocks without any indentations.

The BBL Shapewear is recommended for: Fat Transfer, Body Sculpting, Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction, Buttocks Augmentation. Features adjustable shoulder straps, Microfiber fabric, full length back and open crotch design.


Is it possible to find softness and compression in a single post op shapewear? Now, it is! MYD has designed this full body shaper that provides enough freedom, freshness, and elasticity, everything your clients expect from full body shapewear. It will transform muffin tops into smooth curves in just a few minutes.

This garment is ideal for the first two to three weeks or first stage after a Brazilian But Lift (BBL) procedure. No need to shop around, our customer service team has been assisting with post surgical needs for over 30 years, consulting with cosmetic surgeons to ensure we provide you with cutting edge technology compression garments that are also comfortable.

If you have had a fat transfer to the butt (BBL) and your doctor recommends a girdle, covered on the buttocks but with a soft texture, you are at the right place. Medium-high compression level so that you feel sufficiently compressed but at the same time totally comfortable.


The Open Buttock Shapewear is recommended for body sculpting and liposuction procedures. Reinforced waist controls the top and pushes down into the buttock area, reducing waist and accentuating buttock region.

Provides uninterrupted compression to the full abdomen, lower body and areas surrounding the gluteal cutouts. Gluteal cutouts made with loose stitching to ensure there is no indentation or collapse of the implantation/surgical area. Back reinforcement panel for additional compression