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Get The Right Shapewear For Your Body Type!

Choosing Shapewear Based on Body Type!

Shopping for shapewear by body type helps you pick the right shaper that will help you achieve the desired sculpting goals, while at the same giving you the look you expect. Always stick to the size charts included on the product pages to help with sizing, but for those want to go one step further in proper selection of their shaping garments, please read our handy fitting guide below.

Four Main Body Shapes

Every body shape has different issues that need to be addressed when it comes to selecting the right shapewear. From straight to apple, every shape has its beauty, so in order to look your best, you need to embrace your body and select the shaper that flatters it. Here are some suggestions that will help you improve your shape and achieve a flawless figure that you desire.

Rectangle/Pencil/Banana (Diamond, Oval)

Issue: Waist tends to be a little smaller than hips or bust. Body fat usually appears evenly from shoulders to hips.

What shapewear style should I look for? Dressing a Straight Figure - Visually scult your waist by accenting the bust and the hips with styles that add volume above and below the waist. The goals is to create curves where they don't exist naturally.


Issue: Hips are greater than the bust. Body shape distribution tends to be in the buttocks, hips and thighs. Other sections to consider would be waist and upper abdomen. Petite upper body characterized by slender neck, narrow shoulders, small bust and rib cage, shapely waist, and a fuller lower body with generous hips and thighs.

What shapewear style should I look for? Dressing a Pear Shape: Add detailing and volume on top (minimal on bottom). Accentuate the waist, styles nipped at the waist. De-emphasize the lower body (empire waist or trapeze) Look for styles that have: Fluted skirts that flare out a bit towards the bottom. Lower and thicker waistbands.


Issue: Hip and bust are almost of equal size with a narrower Waist. Body shape distribution tends to be around both the upper and lower parts of the body. This body type may have additional weight in the arms, chest, hips and rear.

What shapewear style should I look for? Dressing an Hourglass Shape - Draw attention to a small waist, accentuate it. Define the waist while proportionally dress the top and bottom of the body. Look for styles that have: Wrap tops, scooped or boatneck. Pencil or straight skirts, thick belts. Some volume around the shoulder (to make the waist look even smaller).


Issue: Broad(er) shoulders compared to (narrower) hips. Tend to have slim legs/thighs. Apple body shapes usually have average size bust, larger belly and flat derriere. Shape is mainly distributed in the abdomen, chest and face.

What shapewear style should I look for? Dressing an Apple Shape: Add volume to lower half to balance mid-section. Draw attention away from the tummy to the best attributes (bust & legs). Look for styles that have: Wrap tops, seaming or corset style  structure. Pleating or gathering under the bust, deep “V” and scoop necks. Drapey empire styles (without to much volume). Balance is always the goal: lengthen or elongate the torso.

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