Most of the women that give a birth confront various changes in their bodies after pregnancy. Some tend to have enlarged tummies while others get pouches, bulges, and flabs. A lot of women also get those undesirable stretch marks.

All these issues are a sign that they should find some solution to recover their bodies and skin from pregnancy period. And that's where postpartum shapewear comes in place.

Postpartum shapewear is considered as any piece of garment that mothers use in order to get back to their original shape. The critical area is the abdominal section, so postpartum shapewear is mostly worn around the waist with different shapes and fabrics available.

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After baby birth, many organs and muscles in the abdominal area do not perform in the right way, and the postpartum shapewear helps to align the tummy which helps these organs to get back to their original condition. Besides, due to the enlargement of the uterus during the period of pregnancy, the product gives light control that helps in pushing the uterus back to normal. This type of shapewear also reduces the stress of incision to the women that give a birth through caesarian section. 

Postpartum shapewear are also recommended because they provide the stabilization of the pelvic floor, improve the movement of women after pregnancy and ensure pain relief. They compress the abdominal area and improve perspiration which results in rapid weight loss.

Our body shapers and waist cinchers are designed with 100% natural material for maximum feel of comfort, breathability, and are constructed for a perfect postpartum fit. These shapewear garments reduce any feeling of discomfort through their use of pleasant fabrics, wick perspiration away from the body, and let your skin breathe.

We provide a versatile collection of postpartum shapewear that is specially made for new moms who want to get back their pre-maternity figure.

Cysm Premium Pregnancy Support Full Body Shaper

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Avoid all the uncomfortable effects that pregnancy has on your figure, by wearing CYSM’s new Pregnancy Support Full Body, from our Premium Shapewear collection!

Made of the finest materials and having a micro-capsule Bio Therapy coating, the garment is not only a pain-relieving miracle worker but also a skin-rejuvenating and hydrating essential, which will help prevent deep stretch marks from taking over your abdomen.

Fajas M & D Medium Compression Girdle With Abdominal Support

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Thinking of your comfort, we have designed in M&D girdles which adapt to your daily-life while they shape your silhouette and help you reduce measurements. Our girdles are so comfy that, thanks to its multi-level of compression, you can adapt it to your body and doing so you will forget you’re wearing it while they keep working on you. 

Made of Powernet as the main fabric in the external layer, our girdles will give you fresh because this material lets your skin breathe through it while they offer you the flexibility to do all the activities without any problems all day long.


Clearpoint Medical 12" Tri Flap Abdominal Binder

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ClearPoint MD compression girdles are medically recommended for abdominal support after pregnancy but also for post-op surgeries such as the 'tummy tuck' and another abdominal, hip, flank and back procedures.

Features adjustable hook and loop panel. Made of ultra-comfort microfiber. Designed to achieve a practical balance between comfort, controlled pressure, and functionality - the fusion of compression and comfort.

Fajas D'Prada Abdominal Girdle with front suspenders

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Abdominal girdle with high back and high compression features three level hooks and suspenders for adjustability. Clasps can be adjusted to fit three different positions to fit to your needs. Features interchangeable straps so that you can wear your favorite bra.

Fajas D'Prada carries the certification in the production and sale of compression garments and medical-surgical garments, post-operative garments, maternity garments, post-partum garments, and daily shapewear garments.


Aranza Women's Post-Partum Strapless Butt Lifter Compression Girdle Body Shaper Cairo

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Try this complete body shaper for a top-to-bottom slimming girdle that molds your entire body and gives you firmness at all times.

Adds volume and shape to your booty. Smooths and slim your legs. Reduces waist; smoothing abdomen, legs thighs, and back. Features Latex front panel to firm and flatten your midsection. Underbust design lifts and improves the bust position and open gusset ensures your comfort.

Fajas M & D Abdominal Compression Board

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Wearing this lipo board inside any M&D post op surgery body shaper will help out in the recovery process of liposuction or tummy tuck procedure. Also, this liposuction board will enhance the molding effect your postoperative girdle body shaper has, controlling your belly and those undesired love handles while preventing fluid retention and irritation.

The M&D abdominal board is the best alternative when you need extra support on your midsection after the anesthetic procedure. This ab board has soft seams that won't mark your skin and will protect you and your tummy from the discomfort and issues that wearing a generic faja board for a prolonged period of time might bring.


Tytex Nursing Tanktop with Foam Cups

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The nursing tank top with removable foam cups is a stylish two-in-one solution providing a top and drop-cup bra at the same time. The foam cups provide full breast coverage for more discretion and like all our other breastfeeding products, this top has extra support in cups.

When you are wearing the top, you can breastfeed without exposing your belly, and it will help you keep your belly warm at the same time.

Tytex Striped Nursing Bra

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This fantastic nursing bra is in a classic and timeless black and white striped design. Like all our other nursing bra, it has fully opening drop cups with easy open-and-close clasps. The inner strap has extra width at the sides for additional support and lift of your breast. Below the breast, the bra has in-woven support for reinforcement and lift.

The extremely soft material fulfills the need for optimum comfort and makes it suitable for use during pregnancy as well. And of course, the bra has adjustable shoulder straps to fit you perfectly.