🏆 Best Shapewear Solutions of 2021.

Year 2021 will be known for the advanced shapewear solutions provided by our renowned brands that brought confidence to thousands of ladies worldwide. These shapers have achieve their different shaping goals and provided support in some crucial stages of their lives such as wedding, maternity, surgery, losing weight and improving their overall look. In this guide, we will give them a praise they deserve by listing the best shapewear solutions of 2021, that have shaped lives of our esteemed ladies.

Best Full Body Suit 🏆

Great control and compression in the abdominal area. Great back coverage. Reduces your waist. Enhances greatly your gluteus and hips. Internal fabric is made of lycra spandex of the best quality that makes it soft and comfortable. It also allows it to put on easier because it smoothly slides through your skin.

Best Mid-Thigh Shaper 🏆

With incorporated invisible control bands, the shaper will flatten your abdomen, trimming inches off of your waistline, sculpt your hips and thighs, while also lifting your buttocks and giving it a rounder perkier look.

Best Shaping Leggings 🏆

Shapes and reduces the waist and tummy. Latex all around the waist that by is thermal action, helps to remove excess of fat in waist, tummy and low back. Internal lining for total comfort. Recommend for cardio workout and casual use.

Best Butt Lifter / Enhancer 🏆

Made of Powernet as the main fabric in the external layer, our girdles will give you fresh because this material let your skin breathe through it while they offer you flexibility to do all the activities without any problems all day long.

Best Post-Surgical Girdle 🏆

The Zipperless Above Knee Shapewear is recommended for abdominal, lower back, hip, and thigh procedures. Features 2" wide waistband, open crotch design, pull on garment - no zippers.

Best Post-Surgical Bra 🏆

This Medical Care Bra from Curveez controls your bust with total comfort. Its base is wider to prevent grazes in inframammary surgeries. The elastics have excellent elongation and memory so they won't lose their shape and do not generate uncomforted to those who go through the augmentation process on the axillary area.

Best Wedding Shapewear 🏆

This low cut, low plunge, backless long-line strapless is made in solid Satin tricot. This look creates a sleek, smooth contour under the most revealing fashions. This supportive backless strapless bustier allows women many options when shopping for evening wear.

Best Maternity Abdominal Binder 🏆

The 12" Tri Flap abdominal binder allows for three points of adjustment it is recommended for abdominal procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction. Features adjustable hook & loop panels. Recommended for abdominal and flank procedures.

Best Plus Size Shapewear 🏆

Fits and reduces the back, contour, waist, hips and thighs. Full coverage bra included. Strong material and comfortable at the same time. Internal lining in antiallergic cotton for total comfort. Daily use reduces measures and firms the skin.

Best Premium Brands 🏆

Cysm has designed every one of their beautiful shapewear garments to exalt the women's figure, Fajas M & D is committed to designing post-surgery and everyday use shapewear, providing significant improvements that help both men and women.  Jackie London is a shapewear line with a focus on quality garment designed with the latest trends and durable fabrics that are incredibly comfortable. Equilibrium ensures quality compression wear both for everyday use and plastic surgery professionals worldwide.

Best Up and Coming Brands 🏆

Delia by Fajas D'Prada shapewear is recognized by top plastic surgeons as a brand that specializes in post-surgical compression garments. Fajas Sonryse offers a variety of solutions that will enhance your natural figure as well as catalyze the process of losing weight and getting an hourglass figure. Diane and Geordi shapewear brand is known for its compression shapers and undergarment for men and women.

Need Help Getting The Right Fit?

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