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Brand Highlight: The Medebra Story

The Medebra Story

Kim P. Haley is a remarkable woman whose life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of letting the diagnosis define her, she embarked on a journey of resilience and compassion. Following her surgery, she channeled her experience into a noble mission to help other Women in their recovery process with her Women Owned Business called Medebra.

Kim's determination and empathy led her to design Medebra breast cancer surgery bras that not only provide essential support and comfort after a mastectomy or breast cancer surgery but also prioritize the emotional well-being of the wearers. These bras are a testament to her dedication to making Women feel better during and after the challenging process of breast cancer treatment. She put all her struggle and knowledge into designing these products to help cancer patients with a bra that actually works to reduce infections with features tailored to meet the needs of a patient diagnosed with breast cancer. Anything that can make this struggle of chemo therapy while recovering from surgery easier on the patient is a truly noble endeavor.

Kim's story is a shining example of turning adversity into a force for positive change, offering support not just through undergarments but through inspiration and strength for countless Women facing similar battles. We here at ShapewearUSA want to help people get the right post-surgical products for their needs. People like Kim Haley of Medebra inspire us to work harder and help as many people as possible.

Shop for the Medebra breast cancel surgery bras here at ShapewearUSA or visit the Medebra website to learn more about Kim. P Haley's story.

Medebra post-surgical bras benefits

Medebra (CPT Code L-8000) encompasses all the essential features required for post-breast surgery care. It stands out as the sole adjustable and completely detachable strap design intended to cater to patients with chest catheters and ports. This unique strap design ensures that it doesn't create discomfort around the patient's port, offering a padded area for added protection. Consequently, it reduces the risk of infections and minimizes the likelihood of readmissions, thus averting cost reimbursements to the hospital.

Medebra eliminates the need for belts, camisoles, and other support garments. Our soft Velcro is precisely sized and designed for maximum comfort.

Crafted from a recommended blend of materials that effectively absorb moisture and flush fluids, the body design ensures that the underarm area extends above and doesn't put pressure on areas where lymph nodes have been removed. Medebra is specially tailored to rest below the sutures for breast reduction surgeries.

What type of procedures does Medebra help with:

  • Mastectomy
  • Breast Cancer Surgery
  • Chemo Therapy

What is a Mastectomy?

Mastectomy is done for medical reasons and is a surgical procedure in which one or both breasts are partially or completely removed. This type of surgery is typically performed to address breast health concerns, such as breast cancer. Occasionally, individuals who are considered to be at a heightened risk of breast cancer may choose to undergo this procedure as a preventive measure.

Medebra Post-Surgical Bra

Medebra Post-Surgical Bra

Medebra offers adaptable Velcro shoulder straps made from a blend of cotton and lycra spandex, complete with a front Velcro fastening. Its tank-style back ensures optimal support and stability, featuring an elevated back design. When worn as directed, this garment enhances blood flow in the surgical region, specifically following procedures like breast augmentation, breast implant surgery, mastectomy, or lumpectomy.

HCPC code: L-8000

Medebra Post-Surgical Mastectomy Bra Kit

Medebra Post-Surgical Mastectomy Bra Kit

The Medebra Post Surgical Mastectomy Bra Kit is re-imbursed nationally as needed by medical insurance. The Medebra Mastectomy Bra Kit includes flexible Velcro shoulder straps, crafted from a combination of cotton and Lycra spandex, and a front Velcro closure. The tank-style back design enhances support and stability with its elevated rear section. When worn as instructed, this garment effectively boosts blood circulation in the post-surgery region, whether it's after a breast augmentation, breast implant procedure, mastectomy, or lumpectomy.

HCPC code: L8015 DxZ85.3

Please ask your Physician to prescribe Medebra Mastectomy Kit

Medebaby Nursing Bra

Medebaby Nursing Bra

A distinctive detachable pink heart is affixed to the strap, aiding mothers in tracking which breast to start feeding on to prevent mastitis. The adjustable and detachable lift straps provide effortless access. There's a pouch sewn on the inner side of the bra for storing extra pads to address leakage during the day. Crafted from a gentle cotton blend material for comfort.

Medebra Puffs

Medebaby Nursing Bra

Medebra offers soft, adaptable fiber-filled prosthetics that can also double as pain-controlling pillows. Here are its key attributes: Suitable for both Medebra and Mede-Mastectomy products. These soft, adjustable fiber-filled prosthetics, which serve as pain-controlling pillows, come overstuffed, allowing patients to customize them to their liking. They feature a small opening, enabling patients to hand wash these prosthetics-cum-pillows to maintain their freshness. We recommend obtaining an additional set to have a spare on hand when needed.



Men also suffer from breast cancer, therefore Medebra has created a product to accommodate their patient needs during and after post-surgical recovery. The sole strap design that can be adjusted and released, providing additional length when required. Made from cotton and Lycra, latex-free, and featuring a gentle Velcro fastener at the front. The tank-style back ensures the highest level of support and stability, complemented by a comfortable design at the front and rear. Engineered to absorb and remove fluids effectively.

How to get reimbursed for the cost of the Medebra

Medebra Mastectomy kits are eligible for an 80% cost reimbursement by Medicare on an annual basis when medically necessary. This reimbursement applies with the specified code L8015 and diagnosis code DXZ85.3, confirming that Medebra qualifies for reimbursement.

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