Wondering how to achieve that seductive Kim K/J Lo booty without having to go for cosmetic plastic surgery that can be pricey, painful and sometimes even risky?

Good news is, that there is a brand-new revolutionary and completely natural way to achieve that. Today, you can have that desirable backside by wearing Brazilian butt-lift shapewear.

These shapers will provide an instant result by making your butt look bigger and rounder. The cutout section of this compression garment ensures to lift up the fat providing a flawless push-up effect no matter what the size of your butt is. That's why this kind of shaper is often called butt trainer or butt bra.  Besides improving the overall look of your butt, this shapewear can help in maintaining your shape that tends to change due to aging, weight gain or weight loss.

Even if you decide to still go for a cosmetic plastic surgery, this shapewear style is recommended to wear in order to help maintain the results.

You can wear it under your favorite jeans, pants or dress and feel completely confident about your butt appearance.

We offer a variety of Brazilian butt lifter styles that will make your butt look curvier, more firm and much tighter.

Co'Coon Skin Care The "Butt-Booster" Panty

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  • Contains oats and milk

  • Controls and shapes abdomen and thighs

  • Lifts booty

  • Invisible under clothes

  • Comfortable for everyday wear


    Equilibrium Booty Boosting Shapewear Open Butt Lifter Short

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    • Open butt for maximum enhancement

    • Shaping band around the buttocks that provides a perfect rounded form

    • Fits the low abdominal area

    • Support the post-op recovering process after cosmetic surgery like liposuction or tummy tuck. Perfect for BBL and fat transfers.

    • External seams that not mark your skin. Internal lined for freshness and comfort.


      Laty Rose Butt Lifter Body Shaper Shorts With Holes

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        • Tummy control.

        • Back holes for a maximum butt lifting effect.

        • Strapless design.

        • Barely noticeable under clothes.

        • Easily pull up the system.

        • Medium compression.

          Cysm Thermal Butt-Lifting Shorts

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            • There’s no need to compromise on curves when you desire control over your waist and Glutes!

            • Dermatologically proven, does not irritate the skin.

            • The garment releases them gradually when they come in contact with the skin, allowing comfort and protection.

            • Flattens lower abs and enhances gluteus

            • Provides firm compression defining the waist-line


                Co'Coon Light Special Thermal Bottom Lifter Panty

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                  • Sensual yet supportive, our lace mid-thigh garment offers perfect backside silhouette.

                  • SENSA-FLEX technology adds a touch of romance while avoiding unwanted skin marks.

                  • Flattens lower abs and enhances gluteus

                  • Provides firm compression defining the waist-line

                  • Dermatologically proven, does not irritate the skin.

                  • External seams that not mark your skin. Internal lined for freshness and comfort.


                    Laty Rose Butt Lifter Thigh Shapers Panty

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                      • Create the perfect body line with Laty Rose mid-thigh shapewear. 

                      • The strong control over the tummy in these body shaper shorts will shave inches off your entire figure. 

                      • With Laty Rose shapewear butt, flattening your tummy, giving your waist some definition and lifting your bum has never been so easy. 

                      • The perfect new addition to your shapewear collection, this faja butt lifter shapewear is going to change the way you look in pictures and real life.


                          Co'Coon Sensa Flex Waist Molding High Brief Short

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                            • Sweat your way to a slimmer body with Co’Coon’s thermal shapewear, your secret weapon for shedding inches quickly and lifting your booty.

                            • The latex panel on the stomach activates your body heat increasing perspiration in the area to help you sweat those extra inches off and eliminate toxins.

                            • The cotton lining absorbs the perspiration so you can stay fresh and comfortable all day long

                            • The special design with openings at the bottom lifts and shapes your booty for the final touch on the curvy figure you have always wanted.


                            Diane & Geordi Open Bottom Butt Shaper Shorts

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                              • These shapewear shorts can be used as thin panty shaper and butt lifter shapewear every day.

                              • It can also be worn as tummy control panties under an evening gown.

                              • Feel free to wear our midrise tummy control butt lifter panty everywhere you go.

                              • Don't be afraid of wearing these slimming shorts under your jeans, skirts or dresses. They'll have your back and make you dazzle.