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Delie 360 - Hourglass Fit

Small Waist Wide Hips, Create an ideal hourglass body. Accommodates small waist and wide hips, Post-surgical use, Ideal for surgeries such as BBL. Perineal Zipper. Perfect for Daily use.

Delie Fajas from the FIT 360 Hourglass collection, are fajas created to adjust and enhance your body 360° degrees. Perfect for post-surgical recovery and everyday use. The unique Delie FIT 360 fajas shapewear provides perfect shaping for the waist, back, and hips. This superior molding reduces and refines your silhouette with an all-around of comfort and support. Ideal for women with large buttocks (BBL) also known as a Brazilian butt lift.  This line of fajas has greater capacity in the buttocks area, greater control in the side and additional support in the back that stylizes and shapes your butt.

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