Wearing compression garments after liposuction is important because it helps the healing process. ... The different types of compression garments can also come customized with drainage tubes, which is when compression garments after liposuction are most often needed, in order to help push excess fluid out of the body."Using compression shapewear after liposuction procedure is of the crucial importance in the recovery process. The various types of compression shapewear can also come with drainage tubes, which is when compression shapewear after liposuction are most often needed, in order to help push excess fluid out of the body.

The Fist Stage of Post-Operative Recovery

After the liposuction procedure the fluid needs to be expelled and the surgeon won't be able to get all of it during the surgery. Certain amount will have to be drained out afterward. This phase is known as the “First Stage” of post-surgery recovery and that's where compression shapewear comes in place. After the surgery, there is certain amount of swelling and bruising and post-surgical garments can assist with these problems as well. This is where the open drainage process comes in and why the use of the post-operative compression shapewear is so efficient. If the fluid from a tumescent process is left in the body it will increase the issues of bruising and swelling.

With an open drainage process using the post-surgery compression garments you will successfully squeeze this fluid out. Most of this is complete within the first day of the surgery and this will increase the recovery time. The more fluid that can be drained the less bruising and swelling you will experience, and therefore, you will have a shorter recovery time as well.

Clearpoint Medical Belleza 9" Abdominal Binder

Abdominal Binder for Women or Men cosmetic surgery. Adjustable hook & loop single panel closure. Recommended for Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty, abdominal liposuction, abdominal lift, hip liposuction or lift, flank liposuction or lift.

Equilibrium Firm Compression Shapewear - Boyshort Style Wide Strap Bodysuit

Fits and reduces the waist and abdominal area. Made of cotton in the buttocks. Strong material and comfortable at the same time. Internal lining in antiallergic cotton for total comfort. Wide strap. Daily use reduces measures and firms the skin.

The Slimming Braless Body Shaper with Thighs Slimmer comfortably adjusts to your body, ends just below the knee, taming the tummy, trimming the thighs and hips, while controlling the lower abdominal area and rear, and promotes proper posture. Ideal to recuperate your figure after surgery.

Fajas M & D Medium Compression Girdle With Abdominal Support

Made of Powernet as the main fabric in the external layer, Fajas M & D girdles will give you fresh because this material let your skin breathe through it while they offer you flexibility to do all the activities without any problems all day long. The inner cotton layer will cover your skin without causing any damage.

Fajas Salome Mid Thigh Firm Compression Full Body Shaper

The Faja Salome 0217 is part of the dream collection. It is made with an incredible quality of manufacturing and selected materials, such as the Powernet, whose main compounds are lycra and elastane, which gives us the opportunity to provide you with the compression in the areas that need to be molded.

The Second Stage of Post-Operative Recovery

Being too compressed for too long isn't good practice either. After certain period, and once the drainage has ceased after your surgery, you need to take off the first stage shapewear garments (for effective healing start wearing a second stage shapewear as soon as you are done with the first stage shapewear) this lets your body to return to using its regular lymphatic functioning. When the lymphatic system is doing well it will smoothly flush the body of excess fluid and reduce swelling.

Second stage compression shapewear is worn for about 2-8 weeks post-op.

TIP: Please consult your surgeon before start wearing compression shapewear.

Curveez Post-Surgical Full Body Second Stage Shaper

Stylizes the thighs, enhances buttocks and refines waist, abdomen, and back. Provides complete post-operative care with the Trim Shape formula, a blend of natural ingredients that help to control inflammation, regenerate ti...ssue, improve the appearance of scars by moisturizing and toning the skin. It contains microcapsules with natural nutrients of vitamin E, seaweed, Ginkgo biloba, and COSMACOL® EMI.

Caromed Sculptures Stage 2 Above the Knee Girdle

Provides radial compression to the abdomen, hips and lower body throughout the extended recovery period. Features front reinforcement panel for added compression with pull-on design; no hook and eye or zippers. 2” Plush anti-roll waistband that extends high on the torso. Comfortable SuperSilky fabric, ideal for the extended recovery period.

Lipoelastic Post Surgical Girdle - Adjustable Hook And Eye Fastening On Both Sides

Postoperative compression girdle - fully adjustable with both sides hook and eye fastening. Ideal as a first garment in your post-op care period that allows adjusting the size as the swelling subsidies. Recommended using in the first and second post-operative stage after Tummy tuck and any abdominal plastic surgery, Vaser lipo, Mummy Makeover, and C-Section. 

Curveez Post-Surgical Full Body Short Second Stage Shaper

The CURVEEZ styling and reducing post-operative foundation garment is ideal to wear on the second month after an aesthetic intervention focused on the... torso (as liposuction, Tummy Tuck or even childbirth.) It has a medium-high control level to help to decrease the pain and discomfort by friction when wearing it. 

ClearPoint Medical introduces HookedUp™ Shapewear for post-operative compression applications featuring a design that hooks to your bra so your garment cannot roll down. The gap between your bra and shapewear disappears, eliminating muffin top, back fat and discomfort. Fits most bras including, high-back designs using complimentary extenders. Bonded flat edges eliminate visible panty lines.