Post surgery compression shapewear is a specially designed garment that helps in postoperative therapy for plastic-aesthetic procedures that include liposuction, mammoplasty, breast enlargement or reconstruction, tummy tuck, face lifting, neck lifting etc.

The Benefits of Post-Surgical Compression Garments

Wearing a firm control shapewear that provides support is an essential part of the post-surgery recovery process. The use of a compressive shapewear designed to treat your particular procedure can reduce the appearance of a bruise and swelling at the surgical zone. The compression from the shapewear will keep the incision area tightly in place, resulting in the right abjuration and desirable body shaping.

Why you should wear a post-surgery supportive shapewear?

The main benefit of wearing post-surgical shapewear is the fact that it accelerates the healing process so the patient can quickly return to their regular activities and routines.

  • Reduces bruises and swelling

  • Minimizes the risk of infection

  • Accelerates the recovery process

  • Shapes the silhouette and braces the implants

  • Reduces the appearance of keloid scars

  • Alleviates pain

Sometimes, not wearing proper post-surgical supportive garment can result in serious issues. One of them can be a significantly different outcome of the surgery than that which the patient was hoping for. 

Fit tips for choosing the right size shapewear

In order to choose the right size, you should always fit the garments before the procedure. In spite of the fact, that your body will turn smaller after liposuction, for the first several weeks after surgery, you still won’t see any changes, so in this period, your body will still be the same size as it was. You should consider taking post-surgery shapewear to the hospital so you can take measurements before your procedure. Your doctor can also help you make the right post-surgery garment choice based on his estimation of surgery results. By the time, at some point, you might feel that compression turns looser as swelling decreases. That’s when you will have to replace your shapewear with a smaller garment.

How long will you need post-surgery compression garment?

Post-surgery shapewear should be worn minimum 6-8 weeks after surgery. Take them off every time you are taking a bath or shower. If you don’t feel comfortable sleeping in it, opt for fitting yoga pants, a post-surgical bra with soft cups or even a sports bra depending on the procedure.

You should always have multiple shapewear garments, so you make sure you always have a laundered shapewear ready. Many surgical procedures require wearing compression garment continuously for a long period of time, but the design and material used in post-surgery compression garment make sure you don’t experience any discomfort during this period.


Post-Surgical Bras

Post-surgery Bra

Post-Surgical Bras

If your procedure was breast augmentation, reduction or reconstruction the most important part of the healing process is to wear an appropriate compression or post-surgical bra 24hrs a day for minimum 6 weeks. This will keep the bust in place and prevent them from spreading too far apart. Avoid underwire bras for at least 2 months and do not go without a bra

We highly recommend Anette, CYSM, and Trueshapers particularly for procedures like breast augmentation, reduction or reconstruction. These products can guarantee a comfortable recovery after a breast surgery and can be used for maintaining a good posture after any kind of surgery.

Tummy Tuck or Liposuction

Tummy Tuck or Liposuction

Post Surgical Tummy Control Shapewear

Basically, these post-surgery compression shapewear act like a firm cincher – you’ll feel that it ‘sucks you in’ and apart from occasional discomforts of having to wear it for a long time, you will feel better supported and be able to easier move around after procedure.

Anette, CYSM, Equilibrium, and Co’Coon offer a wide range of tummy tuck and liposuction post-surgery garment that act as a support system for your surgical tummy zone. They will help you reduce swelling and promote blood circulation while holding the skin against the muscle.

Face and Neck Post Surgical Lift

Face and Neck Post Surgical Lift

Face and Neck Post-Surgical Wraps

Any kind of cosmetic procedure that involves the delicate skin on your face or neck, brings your skin and muscles a lot of stress and discomfort.

The post surgery compression face wrap is a comprehensive support system that accelerates your recovery while keeping you comfortable at all times. Anette, CYSM and Equilibrium wrap ensure maximum comfort and great results by using breathable fabric and inside-out seams to prevent marks on your skin.