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Delie by Fajas D'Prada

Now known as Delie Fajas previously known as Fajas D'Prada shapewear is recognized by top plastic surgeons as a brand that specializes in post-surgical compression garments and is a brand recommended by the most prolific specialists as it accelerates the recovery and positive results of aesthetic procedures. Delie carries the certification in the production and sale of compression garments and medical–surgical garments, post–operational garments, maternity garments, post-partum garments, and daily shapewear garments.

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Delie Traditional Fit offers natural enhancement, shaping real woman bodies, the fit for normal waist and natural buttocks, post-surgical such as liposuction and postpartum. Perfect for daily use.

Delie 360 - Hourglass Fit is perfect for small waist and wide Hips. Create an ideal hourglass body with this fit. Accommodates small waist and wide hips, Post-surgical use, Ideal for surgeries such as BBL. Perineal zipper. Can be worn every day.

Delie Ultra Butt Lifters are fit for bodies with an inverted triangle shape. Tightens the waist and enhances the buttocks by approximately 1.18 inches.

Delie Wide Fit- Heart Shape is made for a pear body type. Natural enhancement with wider hips and glutes, the fit accentuates a slim waist and wide buttocks, Buttocks together, and crotch opening with removable flap. Perfect for ladies with wider hips.

Delie Plus Fit premium quality body shapers and body suit with sizing up to 3XL-5XL with high compression, and medium compression up to 8XL are designed to fit full-figure ladies and provide a quality shapewear garment for everybody and every size.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Delie fajas imported from Colombia made with superior technology and methods and quality tested for perfection.

Why are Colombian fajas so popular?

Colombian fajas have gained immense popularity due to their exceptional quality, effective body-shaping capabilities, and cultural influence. Renowned for their craftsmanship, these fajas are meticulously constructed using high-quality materials that provide substantial compression and shaping benefits. Colombian manufacturers have a rich history of producing shapewear, instilling confidence in their products' reliability and effectiveness.

Is a faja the same as a compression garment?

While both fajas and compression garments involve applying pressure to the body, they serve distinct purposes and often differ in design and intent. A faja is a type of garment originating from Latin America, particularly Colombia, designed to shape and contour specific areas of the body, such as the waist and abdomen. They emphasize aesthetic goals and are popular for achieving an hourglass figure or enhancing natural curves. Colombian fajas are celebrated for their attention to design, material quality, and their ability to provide pronounced body shaping effects.

On the other hand, a compression garment is a broader term that encompasses various garments designed to apply controlled pressure for medical or performance-related purposes.

How long should you wear a faja?

The duration for wearing a faja depends on your goal and comfort. For temporary body shaping, like special events, wearing a faja can offer an immediate aesthetic effect, but ensure comfort and breathing. Post-surgery, follow your medical professional's guidance; fajas aid healing and reduce swelling. Specific instructions based on surgery type and your needs are crucial. Prioritize comfort and well-being while benefiting from a faja's purpose.

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