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Amoena Bra Sizing

It is important to measure yourself each time you consider purchasing a new Amoena bra. Remember, your bra size can change due to age, diet or exercise. To determine your bra size follow the instructions shown below: 

A) Band Size (underbust) - see image below

  • First measure from the middle of your chest, underneath the remaining breast where the bra band sits, to the center of your spine (diagram A).
  • Double this measurement to get your band size (this is the ‘underbust’ measurement shown on the picture). 

B) Cup Size (overbust) - see image below

  • Now measure from the middle of your chest to the center of your spine, but this time over the fullest part of your remaining breast (diagram B). 

  • Double this figure to get your overbust measurement. 

Band Size  Cup Size


Band size: 

Measurement equals 14½ inches. 14½ x 2 = 29 Band size is 29 inches. 

Cup size: 

The measurement is 17½ inches. 17½ x 2 = 35 

Bra size:

29 inches underbust and 35 inches overbust, gives a bra size of 34B 

Bra size 

Use the chart below to find your correct bra size. Remember this is only a guide. For a perfect fit, size up or down as needed.

Amoena Bra Size Chart


Swimwear Sizes 

To ensure the best fit possible, most of our swimsuits and bikinis are available in different cup sizes. Most styles are available in either a B or C cup fitting, with a smaller selection available in A and D fittings. You would choose a size based on your dress size, and your typical bra cup size.

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