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Author Bio - Tamara Maric: Writing About Your Style, Substance, and Self-Confidence.

Tamara Maric

Senior Content Manager at

Tamara Maric - Senior Content Manager at ShapewearUSA

I’ve been covering the shapewear industry for 6 years. I try to cover fashion trends because, ultimately, that’s what shapewear is all about – we want to look great in what we’re wearing. My philosophy on fashion goes beyond the aesthetic, allowing us to delve deeper into style while celebrating the confidence that shapewear brings, catering to all shapes, sizes, and shades. 

In the journey towards self-confidence, embracing the notion that everyone deserves to feel empowered by their own body image opens doors to endless possibilities. When we discover something that can offer that much-needed boost, the question becomes not "why," but rather "why not?"

Your Style, Substance, and Self-Confidence.

You’ll find my articles often touch on the psychological and emotional aspects of shapewear, and how shapewear helps us heal in a multitude of ways. Ultimately, I’ve found that this approach helps readers better connect with the articles I write. If you browse our blog, you’ll find all the latest fashion trends, step-by-step shapewear guides, and actionable tips to help you look your best and feel your best (all with my own special flavor of confidence).

Tamara's insightful and inspiring articles can be found in our Our Blog | Shapewear Guides

Past Experience

I held a position as a content manager at Salt and Sun, a swimwear and lingerie brand, where my responsibilities included creating SEO optimized product descriptions and social media posts. Additionally, I worked as a content creator for Tara Grinna, another swimwear brand and as social media manager for a kids clothing brand Boto Boto.

Outside of Work

I'm an enthusiastic graphic designer with a deep passion for digital painting. In addition to my creative pursuits, I enjoy engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and jogging. On top of all that, I'm a proud owner of a cheerful husky.

Social Media

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