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Fiorella Sports Cincher Latex Vest Waist Trainer Corset Purple

Fiorella Sports Cincher Latex Vest Waist Trainer Corset Purple

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SKU: 203M2-Purple-32

The Fiorella Shapewear Workout Latex Vest Waist Sports Cincher 2 Hooks is a full sport vest designed for maximum coverage not just on the front but on the back as well. It now features 2 hooks to allow for more comfortable and flexible sizing. This waist cincher for weight loss provides instant slimming in the abs and back, trimming away inches and giving you a slimmer form to show off. It also helps to improve your posture which can, in turn, assist with the aches and pains that come from not holding yourself erect. This is a great waist trainer for women with active lifestyles, as you can wear the Fiorella Shapewear Workout vest latex waist cincher 2 hooks 203M2 while exercising. The increased thermal activity that this waist sports cincher for weight loss stimulates will give you some extra help while you’re doing your part, working hard on your goals.


  • 2 hooks for maximum sizing flexibility
  • Internal latex, soft internal cotton
  • Lift underbust
  • Maximum coverage on the back
  • Colorful neon/blue exterior spandex


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