Butt Lifters are shapewear undergarments specially made to lift and firm your buttocks.

As we grow old our skin tends to lose the natural elasticity and we lose essential muscle tone. Butt Lifters help the body maintain its natural shape and helps the muscles and skin to keep its strength. They enhance the buttocks and make you feel confident about your look. Butt Lifters are often considered as a bra for the rear as they hold and lift your butt to create a seamless shape the same way the bra lifts your bust to create a desirable cleavage.

Many women wonder if butt lifting shapewear really works. In the following before and after photos, the difference between wearing and not wearing butt lifters is evident.

Butt Lifters Before and After

6 Incredible Advantages of Wearing Butt Lifters More Than Just a Better Shaping Booty - Empowering Women

  1. The effects of butt lifters are outstanding. They provide a simple and an instant butt lift as compared to alternatives such as drugs, plastic surgery, diet and exercise by simply putting on the specially made undergarment.
  2. Besides, this type of shapewear is surprisingly comfortable. Thus, it is not strange that many women have turned to wearing them daily.
  3. This shapewear provides a natural look since most of them don’t contain foam or silicone cups that tend to astray due to constant movement during the day.
  4. Not everyone is endowed in all areas and let us face it that having some curves can help attract that special someone in your life.
  5. Let's not get superficial here, but sometimes it is empowering to be able to turn some heads once in a while.
  6. Finally, if you really appreciate a nice shaping booty when you look in the mirror you may want to consider getting a Butt Lifter because they work and it shows.

Shape Your Booty Large

Butt Lifters Shape Your Rear And Accentuate An Hourglass Figure

How To Avoid Some of the Downsides to Butt Lifters

  • This undergarment doesn’t necessarily look attractive. They usually don’t have a regular underwear design, therefore, they are not easy to hide. But if you really appreciate a nice shaping butty you may not consider this as a downside. This can just make you more aware of choosing your butt lifter style carefully.
  • The effects of butt lifters are not long lasting. Once you take the garment off, you will be returned to your regular shape. If you are looking for more permanent results you should opt for butt surgery or some butt workout programs, but be aware that like every solution, these two have also their disadvantages. In that regards, butt lifters may be a better alternative since you can always go for different styles of this undergarment until you achieve desirable butt lifter effects without putting much effort. Besides, if you consider all side effects that butt surgery can bring, butt lifters could be a less painful solution.
  • Butt lifters don’t fit every woman, especially those with smaller buttocks who generally don’t have much fat to work with, so in fact, they don’t need these butt shapers.
  • Keep in mind that there are many manufacturers who produce low-quality products in order to sell quickly. This devalues butt lifters and discourages women from buying them. Being aware of the most important things to look for in shapewear will ensure you make the right choice. Outlined below are some tips.

    Choose The Right Butt Lifter

    • Always read customer reviews. They are a great way to confirm if the product does the job that brand or retailer claims.
    • The shaper should have the right fit or design that is customized to suit and shape your figure and still provide a natural butt look.
    • The fabric of your butt lifter should be high quality so it keeps its elasticity and doesn’t break down before the end of its lifespan.

    It is of the crucial importance to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of butt lifters in order to make an informed decision about your purchase. If you want to know how butt lifters really work and how they actually achieve cheek lift, the secret is in a strategic construction, type of the fabric and cut chosen so that provides right shaping and lift effects. There are five main butt lifter styles with two different butt cheek designs.

    Butt Lifter Panty Style Shapewear 

    This butt lifters use tighter or more elastic fabric to gather butt volume and shape it effectively. They offer a complete cheek coverage and since are made of lightweight fabric they show off your rear without making it flat.Some of them are designed using the same fabric all over while others provide additional elasticity or stitching that is strategically put in some section for better compression and lift.

    Panty Shapers

    Choosing Between Butt Lifting Styles

    These butt lifters are made with cutouts in the backside and while they might seem strange at the first glance, once you put them on, you will realize that they work amazing for your butt cheeks.They are strategically constructed in a way that allows them to collect butt muscles in one place and lift them up using their supportive stretch material. This enhances butt volume in all the right places.The cut-out backside leaves the round part of butt cheeks uncovered with no fabric compressing down flat and downsizing your butt volume.  

    Butt Lifter Covered Butt Cheeks

    These butt lifters will minimize your waist, give your tummy a toned look, shape-up your hips and thighs, and instantly lift your rear. Beside these beauty-shaping benefits, these butt lifters bring many health benefits such as improved back posture and pleasant feel of comfort.  

    Cysm Butt-Lifting Compression Shapewear Bodysuit with Arms


    Butt Lifting Shapewear Covered


    Butt Lifter Capri Style

    These butt lifters will not only shape your thighs and legs and lift your bottom but also will help you lose those undesirable love handles and flabby waist section. The firm waistband prevents from rolling down keeping everything in place. Made of thin light fabric that makes it invisible under clothing. They often come with latex panel that activates body heat that helps you lose inches in a more efficient way.  

    Butt Lifter Bodysuit Style

    Body lifter bodysuit slims the tummy, waist, thighs and hips while providing a nice lift for the buttocks. This style often comes with adjustable straps that provide support, easy fit and more flexibility. 

    Cysm Butt Lifting Shapewear

    Butt Lifter Full Bodysuit Style

    These butt lifter full bodysuit shapers sculpt your figure through the hips, waist and thighs while enhancing the rear in a subtle way. They are often made of compression material that controls adiposities in these sections and provides comfort for a more flattering look. 

    Butt Lifter Exposed Butt Cheeks

    These butt lifters work both as a compressive body shaper and as a smoothness enhancer. They eliminate back bulges and rolls, muffin tops and love handles, but most of all they give your rear and instant lift.

     Different Booty Types

    Different Booty Types

    Becoming familiar with your booty type will make your butt lifter buying decision much easier. In order to provide you with the right guidelines about which one to chose, below are described four different types of booty.

    The V shape is one of the most prevalent booty types among broad shouldered women with narrow hips. This shape is also seen on older women as their estrogen level drops; These women have the fat storage concentrated in the midsection while the buttocks stay with minimum fat storage. Women with this butt shape should avoid shaping pants with high-cut leg hole.

    The pear shape buttock is perceived as the most feminine booty shape among all the butt types of women. This shape, in some countries, is actually considered as an ideal of a sexy butt. This buttock type takes this shape due to the high estrogen level in the butt area. Women with this booty type tend to have a narrow waist and wider hips. They often have fuller thighs as well. Thus, they should opt for laser-cut edges like thong panties.

    Round or O butt shape the best way to describe this buttock is to make you think of J.Lo or Beyonce butt. This shape is also called a bubble butt. This butt type looks full and perky when looking from the side.

    Square or H-shape - this shape features perpendicular line from your hip bones down to your outside thighs. Since there’s not enough fat storage around the love handle area of the buttock, the whole butt gets the shape a letter H or a square shape.