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Whether you are trying to achieve a seamless figure or all-over control, shapewear will slim, sculpt and shape your silhouette and make you feel comfortable and confident in any look. Use our shapewear fitting guide at to discover the right styles and control levels for your target sections.

Shapewear can be divided into three main categories:


  • Enhance a body consistency and eliminate some unwanted bulges
  • Remove bra and panty lines for a seamless look
  • Provide abdomen control, lift the buttocks and shape your legs
  • Define waist
  • Define and smooth your back



  • The purpose is to smooth and provide the right lift and support while emphasizing curves and overall silhouette
  • Control tummy
  • Lift your bust
  • Shape your rear, slim hips and thighs



  • The goal is to give a firm control to the body
  • Usually contains boning, seam and open or closed hook-and-eye clasps
  • Can increase perspiration and speed up the fat-burning process as it controls and shapes your waist and abdomen.


Shapewear Support Levels

Shapewear can have different support levels - from light to extra firm, depending on the amount of shaping effect that you are trying to achieve.

  • Light control - smooths and shapes your body without binding.
  • Medium control - provides an additional level of smoothness. This control level usually contains more spandex when it comes to fabric with the addition of built-in light control panels. This control is comfortable enough to be worn entire day.
  • Firm control - this support conceals your problem area to the greatest extent while still providing an optimum comfort level. In spite of that, this kind of control is hard to wear all day.
  • Extra firm control - provides the maximum support level that you can find in shapewear. This level includes reinforced panels and boning.

Before & After Results

Shapewear can come in many different styles - from bodysuit to tummy-concealing pants. These options let you determine where you want that additional support. Shapewear has also different control levels - from light control to extra-firm control. These control levels help you decide the amount of support you want.

Shapewear styles based on support specific areas of your body:

Bodysuit -
this style of shapewear bodysuit, often called all-in-one, provides full body coverage and can be braless or have a-built in bra. That is why bodysuits often come in cup sizes. If your cup size is 36B, you will choose body shaper in size 36B.

Butt-Lifting - Butt Lifters are specialized shapewear garments designed to raise and firm your buttocks. Think of butt lifting shapewear as a bra for your bottom, as our body ages we lose the natural elasticity in our skin and begin to lose important muscle tone. Butt Lifters help the body keep its natural definition and helps the muscles and skin retain its strength.They provide butt enhancement without the need of padding.

Open bust style - the purpose of this style is to enhance and lift the bust. This style also comes in cup sizes. This is also called Underbust or Open-Bust Shapewear. Wear it with your favorite bra.

Hips & thighs - If you are looking for hips and tummy support, the hips style shapewear should be your choice. The size you need is based on the same waist and hip measurements used to determine your panty size. The thigh style would be a long leg control brief. The bottom of the leg comes with a special band to hold the leg and prevent the brief from rolling up. This style can often come with a tummy control band.

Tummy control underwear - this is probably the most popular shapewear style. It looks very similar to brief panty style and comes with an extra support front band to flatten the tummy.

Waist Trainers - as its name implies, this shapewear that defines and trains your waist creating a seamless hourglass figure. It comes in a form of waist trainer or cincher or can be made up of a brief with an extended waistband that goes right below your bra.

High Waist Shaper - They help you boast a flatter stomach and a shapely glutes. This shapewear usually comes with a waist band that prevents garment from rolling down without the need of straps. Sometimes it contains Bio-Crystals that help you burn calories faster.

Mid-Thigh Shaper - Controls the waist and abdomen and encourages perspiration to help you shed the inches quicker. It shapes your thighs, lifts your bottom and enhance your rear for a rounder shape.

Post-Surgical - post-surgical body compression garments are developed to help your body recover and heal itself properly after a procedure. They can come as both cosmetic, and medical post-surgical garments. If you are getting a procedure done, what you wear after a procedure is critical in aiding in the reduction of pain and essential in hastening the recovery process. Body compression garments have been used to promote healing and increased blood flow to the area to speed up the recovery process.

Shaping Slip - It contours your waist and abdomen, lifts your rear and helps you burn calories faster. It often comes with unique Bio-Crystal technology that can help you fight cellulite. The slip style enhances an hourglass silhouette and smoothly transitions from shaper to skin without creating bumps or bulges.

Underbust - Sculpts and slims your figure in all the right places. Open bust shapewear offers supreme shaping technology while letting you wear your favorite bra.

Butt Lifting Jeans - If your figure is already curvy, these jeans will lift, shape and enhance your butt in all the right places so you can show it off with confidence. Even if you're naturally slimmer around your backside, these jeans help add volume and definition.

Plus Size Shapewear - styles and products specially designed for plus-size women to help them achieve a flawless hourglass figure. It includes plus size waist trainers, girdles and cinchers, bodysuits, butt lifting jeans, and other pieces designed to draw attention to your body’s beautiful, natural figure.

Bridal Shapewear - ensures that you look and feel beautiful when you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. From bridal bodysuits to figure-flattering shapewear, you can choose between different options that will help you feel even more confident in your wedding dress.