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The Science Behind Marena Shapewear Fabric

The Science Behind Marena Shapewear’s Triflex Fabric

Marena's compression solutions have earned the trust of more than 5000 physicians globally, solidifying its unparalleled position in the post-surgical compression sector. What sets Marena apart? The answer lies in our exclusive TriFlex™ compression fabric, which delivers exceptionally comfortable and unwavering compression without sacrificing the fit. In comparison to the widely recognized Powernet fabric, our post-surgical compression material stands in a league of its own. Here's why:

  • Targeted compression
  • Superior 3D Stretch
  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Moisture Wicking

Marena's specialized post-surgery compression garment, crafted using their exclusive TriFlex™ material, is meticulously tailored to aid patients during their post-operative recuperation and contribute to improved cosmetic results. These compression garments play a crucial role in the recovery journey following a wide range of surgical interventions, providing numerous advantages to patients:

  • Research findings have demonstrated that continual and precise compression aids in activating the lymphatic system and the body's inherent healing mechanisms.
  • Helps promote improved tautness and smoothes the skin
  • Helps reduce swelling, bruising and pain

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How do we do it?

Consistent Compression

Designed for peerless comfort, our TriFlex™ fabric is intricately woven with precision loops, forming an X-pattern weave to sustain comfortable and precise compression.

3D Stretch

The TriFlex™ compression fabric we use can stretch up to 2.5 times its original length, which is a 100% increase compared to what competitors offer. This feature provides enhanced freedom of movement without causing tightness or discomfort.

Antimicrobial Protection

The TriFlex™ fabric utilizes the inherent properties of active silver through a delivery mechanism that captures and counteracts harmful agents, effectively retarding their dissemination.

Moisture Wicking + Cooling

Our TriFlex™ fabric naturally provides cooling and breathability, effectively drawing moisture away from the body. These attributes enhance comfort and promote regular wear, which can result in improved adherence and better results.

Marena Girdle With High Back- Short Length

Marena Girdle With High Back- Short Length

This best seller girdle, crafted from our patented fabric, offers a shorter length with complete back coverage, adjustable shoulder straps, a front closure with three-row hook-and-eye fastening, a contoured buttock section, leg coverage reaching above the knee with a seamless appearance, and an open crotch design.

Marena Compression Bodysuit For Bbl Fat Transfer

Marena Compression Bodysuit For Bbl Fat Transfer

Tailored for post-operative care following Brazilian Butt Lifts for all body types, our buttocks-supporting garment blends a seamless-edge opening with a lightweight, soft fabric for a seamless transition from compression to gentle reinforcement, potentially aiding in preserving the desired shape. The sacral pads can be layered and provide flexibility for medical professionals to customize the fit and contour in the sacral triangle by adapting to the transfer size.

Marena Bodysuit With 3/4-Length Sleeves - Calf Length

Marena Bodysuit With 3/4-Length Sleeves - Calf Length

For initial recovery (Step 1), this bodysuit extends to the calf and includes ¾-length sleeves, a high-back coverage with a three-row hook and eye closure, as well as an open crotch. It's crafted using our patented TriFlex™ 3D stretch fabric. Marena's attire is tailored with our exclusive TriFlex™ material to offer reliable, pinpointed compression for the best possible outcomes.

Marena Bodysuit With 3/4-Length Sleeves - Calf Length

Marena Bodysuit With 3/4-Length Sleeves - Calf Length

Crafted to provide comprehensive coverage and adaptability, this compression bodysuit comes with 3/4-length sleeves, an open bust, and added supportive layers for increased stability. It aids in activating the lymphatic system and the body's innate healing mechanism, contributing to enhanced firmness and smoother skin. Additionally, it assists in reducing swelling, bruising, and discomfort.

Marena Girdle With High Back- Ankle Length

Marena Girdle With High Back- Ankle Length

Crafted using our proprietary fabric and incorporating graduated compression in the legs, this girdle extends to the ankle and includes complete back coverage, adjustable shoulder straps that slide, a front closure with three-row hook-and-eye fastening, contoured buttocks, ankle-length leg coverage with a seamless finish, and an open crotch design.

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